NMR Spectroscopy Training

Basic Training

  1. Complete the online NMR Training Registration form and request Basic Access training.
  2. You will be provided with a directed reading assignment and other pertinent information.
  3. After the reading assignment has been completed, you will answer a quiz over policies and other relevant topics from the assigned reading.
  4. A hands-on training demonstration session will be scheduled after the quiz has been successfully completed.
  5. The training demonstration session requires a commitment of about 3 hours and covers laboratory safety issues, basic spectrometer operation, and an introduction to the online instrument reservation system.
  6. After the basic training, user will be granted access to the NMR lab and can run common experiments on both 400 MHz and 500 MHz.

Advanced Training

Additional NMR training courses such as for variable-temperature (VT) experiments, quantitative measurements, diffusion, relaxation or kinetics experiments are typically organized on an ad hoc basis.  These trainings will be usually on 500 MHz. Please email facility director for these trainings. If you have very dilute samples and want to use the spectrometers in NMRFAM, please read this brief guide first.