NMR Facility Fees

ServiceInternal Clients
External Clients
Spectrometer Usage$4.00/hour$100.00/hour
Staff Assistance$68.80/hour$107.00/hour

This charge applies to data acquisition via IconNMR on the AV-400 and during login to the UI-500; there is no charge for data processing on a workstation, printing, etc.
This additional service charge applies when staff perform functions such as consultation, method development, spectroscopy services, data processing and analysis, report writing, etc.; this charge is subsidized by the School of Pharmacy for SoP affiliates. Contact the NMR Facility Director for additional information.

Mass Spectrometry Facility Fees*

AIC-MS Facility Rates Effective 9/1/2014

Analysis (Instrument)Sample Type
UW ResearchersNon-UW Clients
Bruker UltraFlex MALDI-TOFSpot$30.00$100.00
Image (hourly)$50.00$300.00
Thermo MALDI Orbitrap XLSpot$40.00$100.00
Image (hourly)$50.00$300.00
Low-Resolution ESI/APCI (Amazon ion trap, AB Sciex Q-Trap, Agilent LCMSD)Infusion / Walk-up$30.00$100.00
LCMS (per hour)$60.00$300.00
High-Resolution ESI/APCI (Maxis-TOF, Orbitrap Q-Exactive, Orbitrap Elite)Infusion$40.00$100.00
LCMS (per hour)$60.00$300.00
Hourly ChargeSample prep, data analysis$75.00$125.00

* Rates can be affected by departmental support of the AIC-MS Facility.

Note: Rates for LCMS proteomic analysis include one database search. Additional searches, data analysis and reporting will be billed at our hourly rate. Additional time and materials charges may apply for sample preparation.