NMR Spectroscopy Facility

Facility Policies
Complete policies for facility access, usage and more.  This document is extracted from and contained within the NMR Facility User Guide.
NMR Training
Information about the training process to gain access to NMR Facility resources.
User Notes and Other Resources
Access the NMR Facility User Guide and other useful documentation for the local NMR community, including Varian NMR manuals and links to other resources.
Spectrometer Sign-up Rules
Instrument reservation policies are enumerated on the Instrument Reservation System pages.  Authorization is required to access these pages.
Facility Fees
Fee schedule for instrument usage and services for internal (e.g., University of Wisconsin) and external (e.g., private sector) clients.
Incident Report Form
Use this on-line form to report NMR Facility problems, etc.
Laboratory Mishaps
Descriptions of accidents, near misses, and otherwise interesting or useful anecdotes.